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Great songs, at their core, tell the truth.  And we've all got our go-to's.  Ones that make us feel connected to a bigger story than our own. Whether it's needing to be reminded that we're not alone or when we need to put the windows down and sing at the top of our lungs, great songs take us to that place where life makes a little more sense. 

Meet Jeremiah Jones.  Hit songwriter and storyteller, known for delivering soul-baring performances armed only with an acoustic guitar and a gritty tenor.  Audiences gravitate to his disarming and self-deprecating sense of humor while his songs invite the listener to better understand their own story... 

"I believe the experience of sharing music is a deeply healing practice where songs become vehicles into the soul, illuminating, provoking and drawing out the truth within.  Ultimately, I hope people don’t come away from a concert thinking about my story but about their own. 

Back from a five year hiatus away from the road, Jeremiah is ready for a new season of music.. His genre-blending songs encompass themes of love, loss and faith.  The sound: a Georgia O'Keeffe desert landscape meets a well-aged Kentucky bourbon leaving you with the feeling of an unexpected call from an old friend.  The new record, ARIZONA,  is a telling of the last few years of travel, it's about leaving and coming home, finding hope in the unexpected.  

Jeremiah is a BMI Awarding winning songwriter, best known for penning hit radio song, What A Savior, recorded by Grammy Award winning recording artist Laura Story. He's also had songs recorded by Audio Adrenaline (Miracles) and the hit radio single from Carrollton (Shelter), The Protest's current hit radio single (What Else You Got) as well as numerous cuts by independent country artists.

Catch him on the road in the Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020.



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