In the Spring of 2014, after a few years of being on the road, I decided to take a break from touring to reconnect with my family and establish roots. Since then, I've been hard at work writing songs, a hand-full of which have been picked up by other artists and bands, some have even been played on the radio.  And for a songwriter, there's nothing more rewarding than witnessing how a song can take flight! Starting with a kernel of truth, a melodic idea and a few good friends, I've had the great privilege of having been a part of seeing songs go out to the world and reach millions!  I've also been the humble recipient of the word "no" many more times than I've heard "yes".  Regardless, songwriting for me is breathing, I need it to live and yet I also need to pay my mortgage :).  So we songwriters forge on, heads down, seeking out new ways to express timeless truths in 3 minutes or less.   

And while I love the craft of writing, the thrill of connecting with an audience has never wained.  So in the Fall of 2017, I mustered the courage to begin the process of raising funds to make a new album.  To my surprise, many friends and fans caught the vision and fully backed my Kickstarter project.  By mid December, I had raised a little over 21K!  

Fast forward to today.  After a few months of setbacks trying to put together the right strategy and team to make the album, it's finally begun. And I'm thankful it took this long!  I'm thankful I didn't rush into the studio at the very beginning of the year because some of my best songs have come in the last month. And songs I'd written 5 years ago have been revisited with fresh perspective and I'm more in love with them now than when I first wrote them.  

My good friend and producer Andrew Bergthold is captaining the ship along with a few other advisors and co-writers who've been providing feedback and ideas.  It really takes a village!

I'm looking forward to releasing the first single, Arizona, very soon and can't wait for you to hear it.  Stay tuned!



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tracking acoustics

I was first drawn to the sound of my dad playing an old nylon string classical guitar.  I must have been 7 or 8 years old and the sound was just magic to me.  At 12 I got my first guitar, a candy red Gibson Epiphone and then at 15 I bought my first acoustic guitar, a Ibanez dreadnought. I've had a connection with every guitar I've owned and can still remember the sound of that old classical in my head, and the way it felt in my hands as my dad would teach me chords.  For this record, we are using a variety of techniques and guitars to get the sounds we want. In this pic, I'm playing my Taylor 814 Ltd. Edition.  She's been with me for quite a few years now and hasn't been set up in a while.  Despite the minor intonation issues from well worn frets, we were able to dial in the right tone for the track.